Binary Options ATM 2.0 Review – Scam Free! Trusted

Binary Options ATM Review - New trading software - is it a Scam?? Testing and live demonstrated

The Binary Options ATM Review - New Binary Auto Trader. Is it scam? After I've tested many Binary Options services that appears to be nothing but Scams and were getting into most blacklists of important sites, I found out about this new Binary Options ATM software. I was glad having the chance to try and test it. Especially because it was still before the official release of this system to the public worldwide.

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I was glad cause testing such a software in such an early stage gives me the chance to promote by recommending a product of high quality. Thus, i can help the product itself but more importantly my followers and subscribers who are eager to hear and read real objective reviews of the latest software. At the same token, when i found such a product to be not worthy or worse - a scam, I feel that this is my duty to let everybody know, At least as much people as i can inform.

At first i was sure that this is exactly the case. My gut feeling told me that this new Auto trading software of Binary Options ATM is a scam. There was something about the deigns that looks like some kind of a video game.. It wasn't a good sign for me. I like simple, clean and professional looking services. Fortunately i don't rely solely on gut feelings and a lesson which I've already learned is not to judge things by their cover! After all the testing and research I've done, i can tell you 100% confidently that i was wrong. Binary Options ATM is legit. This trading robot is not only legit but also profitable and very friendly to use.

As some of my colleagues which are all big site and blogs owners, I've got this opportunity to test this automatic signals software. I've started with a 500 dollars account, even though the minimum is as low as 200-250. My testing was obviously on real live market conditions.

The people behind the Binary Options ATM trading software were so confident. Apparently they let also some of my colleagues to test it with no risks.

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It wasn't my money. I've been offered by Binary Options ATM stuff to be funded by them to trade risk free. They did it because they wanted me to publish my results, whether positive or negative, after testing it. They were so confident that i was intrigued. Apparently they knew exactly what they were doing, as here i am, sharing my positive results with you.. and i'm happy to do so with additional couple of thousands in my pockets:)

By the way, don't just trust me and my review. Many people have already tried the Binary Options ATM trading software successfully. On my research I've got to find several different positive Binary Options ATM reviews. People who experienced it and some testimonials from real users. You can find it yourself on the web while looking for it. Do it. You will find even live testing and demonstrations of real people on real accounts.

All of the details I've found, together with my own trading experience with this trading system, completely changed my mind from my initial thoughts. One thing for sure - The Binary Options ATM Auto-Trader is NOT a scam. This is a legit Binary Options signals service.

I must tell you what happened next in my experience of testing. After using it for a couple of weeks, I have 152 trades. 117 of the total are profitable. Easy to calculate that the winning rate so far are 117/152=77. Meaning 77% of In The Money trades. 77 percentage of winning trades! Personally i think it's most impressive, don't you?? I've traded many positions so that the statistic would be more accurate. Not to rely on any coincidence. You can't get into any conclusion with such a system with only 10 or even 20 positions. On all other testimonials and live demonstrations, it was about the same winning rates. The worse that i saw was of 64% and the best was of 83%.

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Now i would like to tell you a bit about the features of Binary Options ATM App. A great feature is one that allow you to choose the desired risk level. You can set it between 1 to 3. Obviously 3 is the highest risk level. I suggest that you start with the lowest risk level of 1, and first to trade with the minimum volume amount of 5$ per trade. This is a big advantage as you can control your account, get to know the system, without taking any big risks. On the worse case, if you see 3 losses in a row, which i haven't see so far, then quit for the day. I also like to choose a profit target around 500$. That way you know you can maximum 15$ at the beginning. But on the other hand earning 500$ a day which is more than possible will help you to increase you account gradually and dramatically.##

When you start small you will have the chance to be more familiar with the trading platform and to trust it without feeling any pressure. After that, and once you gain confidence and earn some decent profits, then you can increase the level of risk. If you do it, raise it directly to the level of 3. In addition there is the manual mode. You can trade manually but i don't want to talk about it as much, as this is no big difference from any regular Binary Options trading account.

I find it highly important to note that Binary Options ATM software works only with good brokers. You can find on their supported broker's list some of the best binary brokers in the world. They are all under tight regulation and can be trusted. It means that you can expect to have no issues, and to fell relaxed about your precious money. And of course, important to note again - The use of this trading software is available now for free. It make a real difference. I'm really not sure if it will remain like it after the official release.##

The Sign up is super simple and quick. You don't need any prior knowledge in trading or technology. Just to know how to calculate your profits:) After registering you will be able to start and use this auto trading software in a matter of few minutes. I'm absolutely confident that you'll have fun with this friendly software, especially when you start counting your money..!

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In case that you want to share you experience or have any question and a need for support please let me know. If you have review of Binary Options ATM share it with me, I'll be more than glad to hear you thoughts!

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My Take/Opinions on the Balance Changes

Okay everyone, I sort of wanted to talk about the next balance patch myself because what better do I have to do after 12:00 am on a school night? A couple have already posted their thoughts, now it's my turn. You know how this goes: I'll talk about each card change and share my overall thoughts on the changes themselves. So, let's review these changes.

Deep Sea Garg; 7/7 -> 7/8
... Except for this one because it literally changes nothing about the card's viability. Moving on!
Sergeant Strongberry; 4/4 -> 4/3
Despite what people may tell you, this -1 health nerf matters. It's not too hard to see, but for those unaware, what health changes do to cards is increase or decrease (in this case the former) the number of cards they die to. For a 4-drop like Strongberry, this is important because not only is less useful as a body, but it also dies to more dangerous reactive zombie cards aside from Rocket. You of course have Wrath (which I guess isn't dangerous with respect to its cost), but now Strongberry dies to all lightning bolt powers, Line-Dancing Zombie, Octo-Pet made by Octo-Pult, and perhaps more that I can't remember. But you see what I'm getting at here: Strongberry is going to be much easier to react to now that it's back down to 3 health again, and that's gonna make life for berries pretty tough because now you need to play around your opponent passing on turn 4, on which they may be reading Strongberry.
Laser Bean; 4/6 -> 5/7
I'll admit that this change won't make Laser Bean that much better of a card because it still has no effect and better options exist, but personally, I'm glad they finally buffed this card. Aside from having good survivability, there was no reason to run it over Astro-Cado if you had the latter. That principle still applies, but this card has been so weak for a long time, and again it's not that much better, but it can make a bigger mark than it could before. Plus sometimes you conjure this with Cosmic Bean and it can be pretty helpful if your opponent burns their removal on other cards, which is a pretty specific situation, but sometimes it's a saving grace.
Briar Rose; 4-cost -> 5-cost
The big kicker change that everyone wanted finally happened. I'm not too sure how I feel about this since I kind of like abusing Briar (and not that many people abuse it against me all that often), but whether I like it or not, it's a necessary change. Briar has basically been carrying ramp with Solar Winds and Cob Cannon ever since the deck was conceived, as well as the countless other decks it's been carrying by itself. It still protects itself, but that's fine because by raising it's cost, they've done something interesting. The cost raise now means that it's more of a high-risk high-reward card, and you can't be as frivolous with using Briar Rose. You have to worry more about Knockout, you have to be smarter about when you play it, and you probably also have to be smarter about what decks you put it in because every deck that includes it now will have its curve changed with and without Briar in the deck.
Rocket Science; Science Trick -> Science Barrel Trick
Adds Rocket into the BoB pool, which is actually pretty important for the latter card. That technically means that you have to play around your opponent conjuring this card when they're someone like Brain Freeze or Neptuna, who don't have the luxury of a reliable remove trick such as Rocket (and in Brain Freeze's case I don't count Ooze). Or at the very least, you have to consider that they may have conjured it. Again, it's specific, but after this update they'll still only be 12 barrels in BoB's pool. That's still a decent chance of conjuring Rocket, at least comparatively speaking to most conjure cards.
Mad Chemist; 3/4 -> 3/5
Well it looks like Mad Chemist will be even harder for me to kill now. I couldn't kill it when it was a 2/3, I can barely kill it now, and come the update it'll be even tankier. Shrug. But in all seriousness, this change is fine. Allows it to potentially stick around for a little longer to conjure an extra trick or two, and it can trade a little better than it could before. Not gonna break the meta, but that kind of goes without saying.
Valkyrie; 3-cost -> 4-cost
Not really sure how to feel about this because people really aren't running that many Valk decks atm, Valk Trickster (imo) isn't as good as it's claimed to be, and in terms of getting to the late game to finish your opponent, I feel like Trickster is better anyway because it's less reliant on comboing it with specific cards and you can play much more flexibly with it. But I guess Valk as a card in a deck based around it OTKing your opponent still isn't very healthy, so it makes sense that they nerfed it. On a less significant note, Interdimensional Zombie can't transform into it anymore, so that's welcome by me.
Tomb Raiser Zombie; 2/4 -> 3/4
Yeaaaah, it doesn't change too much about Tomb Raiser, as it's pretty much in the same state as it was before this buff, but on the bright side, if you happen to run it, you don't have to worry about it dying to Shrining Violet a turn later, so there's that.
Mirror-Nut; 0/7 -> 0/8
All this really does is allow Mirror-Nut to potentially damage your opponent more times because it can take more hits, makes it a better health attacker via Pecanolith, and puts it out of Fruitcake range. Really not that significant, and it won't make nut decks that much better. And in all honesty, if you're running it so you can do 8 damage with it, you may as well run Water Chestnut, which sucks.
Captain Flameface; no trait -> Gravestone
In my book, this is a pretty significant change by itself. It makes this card so much more reactive than it was previously, makes Headstone Carver better in pirate decks, and keeps it from dying on turn 3 and up to Whack-a-Zombie and Violet on the turn it's played; being able to remove it with Gravebuster instead is well worth that trade-off. I don't know if it'll make pirate decks that much better, but they're at least a tad more reactive.
Trick-or-Treater; no trait -> Gravestone
This will make Trick-or-Treater a little better, but don't take this to mean that you can now commit with it on turn 3 and wait until turn 4 to start getting value from it. Now that Trick-or-Treater can survive passed plants play, you'd want to play it on turn 4 so you can combine it with a trick to gain a treat from it, so you can buff it up later or buff up something else. Again, I'll reiterate that this will only make it a little better; it won't become a high tier card, but it'll become playable and a little more reactive, and the zombies need more reactive options nowadays.
Planet of the Grapes; 2-cost -> 3-cost
Big oof to cyclecap indeed. Now the deck will be a lot fairer and require you to make more careful plays win; you can't be as careless with your Planets anymore. I didn't want this to be the nerf that Planet got, but for the sake of balancing the card while keeping it simple, it works. It probably means that mushrooms with Pineclone will be the go-to deck for Nightcap unless cyclecap is still better than that, but only time, labbing (i.e. testing), and whatever the zombies do will tell.
Bog of Enlightenment; 3-cost -> 2-cost
But of course, as I've said before, I'd be okay with Planet getting a cost increase if this card got a cost decrease. And now we have a card that'll definitely allow amphibious decks to be a little more aggressive than they previously could. I really don't think this and the Marine Bean change will make amphibious a top tier deck (and it especially won't make Citron/Beta top tier), but it makes the deck as a whole slightly better. But if nothing else, you can run it even if you're not playing amphibious plants; you can use it as a cheap environment that doubles as a strength nerf to most zombies. Not only can that overwrite problematic environments, but it can also help you win important battles on the ground, or maybe even put your opponents' zombies in Whack/Violet range.
Solar Winds; 2-cost -> 3-cost
I have mixed feelings about this nerf; on the one hand I feel like it'll hurt Chompzilla and make her a bad hero again (because I actually feel like she's pretty good with Solar Winds at 2-cost, though not the best Solar Hero), but that's a small price to pay and it's more of a personal conflict. In the interest of the game, however, this change is huge and probably necessary. As I and a few others have said, you'll have to play ramp decks a lot smarter than before as a result of this change. Gone are the days of having an extremely cheap and safe way to get to your Cob Cannons by playing this as early as turn 2, or to your Briars (and more so now that she's been nerfed). It may even become less splashable now that it's more expensive; decks like Heal Wall-Knight may have to be more selective about their choice between this and Spikeweed Sector, and if the former, how much they will run. With regard to this card, though, I'm just speculating now, so I'll move on.
Overstuffed Zombie; 3/5 -> 4/4
Thanksgiving was only five days ago... in any case, this is better than it was before because a) it doesn't need as much health to be good, but having more strength can make its health even higher because of its effect, and b) it's better to have it die to Shamrocket instead of Whack because higher cost cards like this want to be affected by high strength removal cards so that other big zombies don't need to worry as much about dying to Shamrocket. That also means you have to be smarter about using your Shamrocket on this vs. another zombie. It won't make this card overpowered, but I guess you could say that regardless... it's some food for thought.
Neutron Imp; 2-cost 2/3 -> 1-cost 2/2
It gives science a good one-drop, gives Imposter another buddy, makes combos with Mime-Garg faster; this does quite a lot, though I'm not sure how viable this will make a deck like science, because I think a good 1-drop is only a start to that deck becoming better. However, it could still do with more.
Interdimensional Zombie; 1/3 -> 2/2
It's less of a block charger now, but it also dies to more removal tricks, so there are pros and cons to this change. Regardless, this change won't make it a highly competitive card.
Disconaut; 3 or less get Bullseye -> 2 or less get Bullseye
Being the crazy aggro enthusiast that I am, you'd probably guess that I don't like this change. And you're right! My big gripe with it, though, is that it can't make Line-Dancing Zombie hit for unblockable strikethrough damage anymore (forget Flamenco and Binary, when it comes to me). But aggro's already going to be in a much better spot now that berries and Solar decks are getting toned down a bit. Well, it'll still struggle against heal, but some things never change. Not a fan of this change due to my own personal bias, but it's probably for the best.
Final Mission; Science Trick -> Science Barrer Trick
Probably not as significant as rocket getting this treatment, but maybe it'll help you win a game or two. You never know.
Gargantuar-Throwing Imp; 1/2 -> 2/2
No 5-cost zombie should have 1 health unless it does something that actually matters. Unless you put this in Hunting Grounds, this card won't fit that bill. Nonetheless, this could have 4 strength so it can be another zombie that baits your opponents' Shamrockets; that would make it much better. It could also do with some extra health so it could potentially make more gargs, but for now, it is what it is.
Cryo-Yeti; no trait -> Gravestone
This could be a very viable tempo card now that it's a gravestone. Freezing a plant after they play means the plant will have no way of breaking out of being frozen unless it's a double strike plant that survives an initial attack, not to mention Cryo-Yeti becomes a reactive card that becomes a 5/6 as long as it freezes a plant. It can swing for high damage, it can kill a plant pretty much uncontested; this a card that we should definitely lab to see how good it'll be.
Hippity-Hop Gargantuar; 6/4 -> 6/5
It can take more hits to make more eggs, has more survivability so it can trade better, doesn't die as quickly to cheap removal. We've all seen this song and dance, but it's not gonna change the meta.
Atomic Bombegranate; 4/2 -> 5/2
Yet another stat change that doesn't even fix the card, so moving on!
Sunflower Seed; 3/1 -> 2/2
Undoubtedly a nerf in every sense of the word. You won't be able to control with this as reliably as you can now, and it won't do as much damage as you can have it do today. I think it'll still be good/worth running, but you'll have to use Sunflower Seed a little differently that you can now.
Barrel of Barrels; 1-cost -> 2-cost
Yeah, this is pretty significant. This makes it slower, but that's fine because it can still be a card that has your zombie win an otherwise unwinnable matchup. This is hurting both conjure and Raptor decks due to being slower, but it's still a great card to include. Though now that I think more about it, I'm not sure if you're necessarily gonna want to run 4 of it; it might end up making your curve too slow to be ran at 4, but running 3 might be a little easier on your deck's curve. However, that's something that has to be labbed.
Fireweed; 3/3 -> 3/2
In all honesty, this is kind of a necessary change. However, making it so it loses 1 health on heights or water would be a better change (because it makes sense that a plant that likely grows on lava or in volcanic areas would be able to survive best under those conditions). But we can't change it, and thus we now have another aggro Solar Flare card that gets answered by Plumber and Beam Me Up the turn it's played, and we have, when played on heights, an Apple Saucer that can never gain strikethrough under normal circumstances. It can still make environments though, so it has that utility going for it.
Trans-fig-uration; 3/7 -> 4/7
Doesn't make the card that much better, but similar to the Overstuffed buff, this is now a card that you can use to maybe bait Rocket Sciences from your opponent if you trap them in a corner, allowing your bigger cards to come in later potentially uncontested. So it's a good change imo, but the card itself won't be that much betteuseful.
Marine Bean; 2/4, gets +2 str for each other plant in the water -> 3/2, gets +1/+1 for each other amphibious plant
I really don't see this one other change making amphibious decks top tier, or even high tier for that matter. They might become a little more competitive, but they need so much more than a card that buffs itself upon being played.
Shelf-Mushroom; 2/3 -> 2/2
I don't care what anyone says or tells you; this is a necessary change. You should not be able to front a zombie with this, guarantee a kill with it, and then proceed to kill something else by fusing it with something. If you evolve this into Strawberrian and kill another zombie with shelf's effect, that's usually a +2, ezpz. That's not okay, especially because berries already have many ways of making their opponents minus harder than by just 2 cards. They don't need to start plussing that early in the game.
Strawberrian; 3/3 that does damage here and next door -> 3/2 that does damage next door
Granted, Strawberrian may have only needed one of these nerfs, but since it's getting both, it's more than likely that one of theses nerfs alone wasn't enough, or they just really want berries to stop being so damn good. I'm not complaining, personally; I don't particularly like this deck all that much, and other decks get to find their way into the meta, so it works out well.
Typical Beanstalk; 4-cost 4/4, draws one card -> 3-cost 3/3, conjures a leafy
They did not need to remove this thing's card draw. Maybe they didn't want it to be too much better than Muscle Sprout, which I can understand, but leafy just isn't a thing and probably never will be unless they release broken af leafy cards. But hey, if you're a F2P player without a good turn 3 control card, you can use this card as just that.
Duckstache; 2/2 -> 3/2
Hot take: this is another stat change that doesn't make the card that much better, so let's move on.
Turquoise Skull Zombie; 2/5 -> 2/6
Apparently this is currently not that bad of a card. Never really tried it myself (pretty sure I only have two, so I can't consistently draw it if I were to run them in a deck), but I can see why this would be a viable card. It's only problem is that it doesn't win you games, but it's not supposed to do that. It's supposed to be a quasi-floodgate card of