c++ - How do I achieve the theoretical maximum of 4 FLOPs

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i am trying to reach the single threaded FP peak performance for my nehalem cpu to detect the performance anomalies of my application, but i can't seem to reach it. The clock speed is 3.2 GHz, and Theoretical AVX peak is 8 flops * 4.4 GHz = 35.2 GFlops. Actual is 33.4 GFlops. Output (8 threads, 10000000 iterations) - Compiled with Visual Studio 2010 SP1 - x64 Release: Seconds = 111.119 FP Ops = 15360000000000 FLOPs = 1.3823e+011 sum = 35.6244 Theoretical AVX peak is 8 flops * 4 cores * 4.4 GHz = 140.8 GFlops. Actual is 138.2 GFlops. The estimate was created in 2011, before the creation of ASIC hardware solely designed for bitcoin mining. ASIC doesn’t use floating point operations at all,… Thus, the estimate doesn’t have any real-world meaning for such hardware.» ↑ Bitcoin Watch, архивная копия от 2011-04-08: «Network Hashrate TFLOP/s 8007» I7 Flops FLOPS (также flops, flop/s, флопс или флоп/с) (акроним от англ. FLoating-point Operations Per Second, произносится как флопс) — внесистемная един

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The RPiCluster achieved 10+ GFLOPS peak, with 32-nodes running HPL. The single 3.1GHz Xeon E3-1225 (quad-core) system, I used for comparison, showed about 40 GFLOPS peak (when the HPL problem was ... The TACC Dell Linux Cluster (Lonestar) is a powerful, multi-use cyberinfrastructure HPC and remote visualization resource. Lonestar contains 22,656 cores within 1,888 Dell PowerEdgeM610 compute ... The system leaned on four water-cooled vector processors to reach 1.9 GFLOPS of peak performance. In comparison, the A8 quad-core processor released in the Apple iPhone 6 is reported to be able to ...

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